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We Fight for Your Rights.

Our commitment to helping our clients is our CREED.  Not all law firms are equal.  Our staff has over 25 years of combined industry experience.

We Can Stop the Creditor Harassment.

MILLIONS of people every year fall victim to a financial hardship.

Falling behind on your debt to your creditor does not give them the right to harass you endlessly.

Once your retain our firm your creditors must deal directly with us.

We keep your creditors honest, because we know and exercise the LAW.

We Provide Multiple Solutions.

Each individual client’s situation is UNIQUE.   That’s why you need to work with a law firm that has MULTIPLE solutions for their clients.

Debt Defense | Bankruptcy | Litigation | Tax  | Estate Planning

We Provide Hope & Peace of Mind.

Many people simply don’t know their rights, the law or their options.

Your creditors may be lying to you, using scare tactics & violating the law.

You have more options than you may think or know!

Why Choose Us?

With a staff of over 25 Years of combined industry experience you can rest assured you are receiving the most knowledgeable advice.

Our law firm finds the correct solution for you.

It's all in black & white.

No second guessing, no misreprentations, just clear and concise information. 

What we say matches the “black & white.”

Client Focused.

Freedom Law Group, LLP has a dedicated team focused on keeping you regularly informed.

You will experience with every question you have we will provide a prompt answer & solution.

Our Firm is NOT afraid to litigate.

You won’t find a law firm more willing to fight for the best possible outcome with your creditors.  

If your creditors violate your rights or a creditor sues you we have a litigation team ready to defend you.

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“Andrew was well versed in case law and statutes for our issue. He immediately gave us some sage advice and put us at ease that we were on solid ground!!  Andrew aggressively litigated the case and got things settled with little fanfare. We continue to look to Andrew for solid, competent legal advice!!”
Todd, April 12, 2016

“Andrew was a great deal of aid in my time of need. I was completely lost in what to do in my lawsuit and steps to take in settlement. Andrew had taken the necessary steps and time to walk me through the entire time between then 1st letter and the final agreement. He had taken care of me every step of the way. If it wasn’t for Andrew and his amazing communication, I would be in a great deal of headaches pertaining to my case. Everything was dealt with in a timely manner and was settled with ease. I highly recommend Andrew Phan to anyone that is in need for any type of legal issues at hand. Many thanks again Andrew!”
Michael, November 25, 2015

“I have called Andrew: you are definitely my “Angel” because, This is the first time, I’ve met an attorney who truly love his profession by heart. I can’t appreciated enough for his knowledgeable, responsive and time management during my case. Because of his characteristic and skill set in legal that effectively helped all my legal issues disappeared. I thank god has lead me to a brilliant attorney, and once again: Thank you very much Andrew.” 

Mike, March 20, 2016

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