Debt Defense
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires that debt collectors treat you fairly and prohibits unfair and deceptive methods of debt collection. We can protect your rights & help you become debt free!

Millions of Americans every year struggle with their debt & creditors.

The TRUTH is you are NOT ALONE.

Typically a financial hardship has caused you to ultimately go late on paying your creditors or you are proactively looking for a solution if you are not able to pay off your debt in full.

Types of Financial Hardships:

  • Loss of Job / Reduction in Income / Loss of Overtime
  • Medical Hardship limiting your ability to work.
  • Divorce / 2 Person Income to a Single Person Income
  • Living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Struggling to make minimum payments.
  • Death of a family member.
  • “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul”
  • Assuming new debts to payoff other debts.
  • Using pensions, 401K, savings to pay off high interest compounding debt.

What are the Warning Signs?

Do you know the signs that indicate that your finances are getting out of control? It’s best to address any issues that crop up in your personal finances before they get to the point where you are significantly impacted.

Some common signs your headed toward financial trouble include:

  • High balances (or balances beyond your credit limit)  on credit cards
  • Using credit to pay for everyday expenses when you aren’t able to pay off balances monthly
  • High debt to income ratio
  • Utilizing high-interest loans or cash advances to make ends meet
  • Juggling monthly bills
  • Making only minimum payments on balances
  • Fear of knowing what you owe (ignorance is not bliss!)
  • Late or over the limit fees piling up
  • Reduced credit score resulting from high balances and/or late payments
  • Inability to qualify for needed credit

The Truth About Credit Card Debt!

Credit card debt, which is compounding daily, can take years, even decades to payoff.


What does your credit card statements show?

It may require you paying 3X the minimum payment to get out of debt within 3 years.

The numbers do not lie.  It’s a fact.

With monthly expenses like a mortgage/rent, insurance, car loans, student loans, utilites and groceries; who has the cash flow to make 3X the required payment!  Especially when many Americans have 3 – 4 credit cards per household.

Did you know your creditors may settle your debt for a fraction of what you owe?

Step 1:
We access your hardship.
Step 2:
Formulate a budget.
Step 3:
Develop a plan to become debt free.
Step 4:
Notify your creditors our firm represents you. All communication is directed to us.
Step 5:
Negotiate with your creditors.
Step 6:
Agree to a settlement in writing.
Step 7:
Become debt free.
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