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Legal matters that reach litigation can be COMPLEX.

You need a litigator with the SKILL and KNOWLEDGE to fight for your best interests and accurately present the facts of your case.

We FIGHT on your behalf.

Lawsuits Unfortunately Are A Fact Of Life

No one wants to find themselves in circumstances that necessitate hiring an attorney, but life and injustices occur every day, and you may one day need a civil litigation lawyer.  Freedom Law Group, LLP, offers clients the peace of mind that only comes with working with an establish, reputable and proven firm with a track record off successful representation.

Whether you are the victim of an injustice or defending yourself from allegation, our experienced team of civil litigation attorneys in California can handle your case with the utmost professionalism and care.  We handle numerous area of civil law, including: business law, insuranance, personal injury, construction, mechanic liens, property damage and corporate/LLC or partnership formation.


Civil Litigation Specialties

We can provide you with a civil ligation lawyer in California who is experienced in both business and commercial litigation.

While we provide full time staff attorneys for many clients, we are also utilized by many small to medium and even large firms that dont require full time counsel but still have occasional legal concerns.

Don't Settle.

Our clients consistently cite our professionalism, competency and experience as reasons they hire a civil litigation attorney from Freedom Law Group, LLP.

They mention our high level of preparation, tenacity, mediation skills, trustworthiness, competence and highest levels of quality as deciding factors. You will find that we offer unparalleled service and dedication that is often lacking these days. We commit to you with this creed: our clients needs come first.

Civil Appeals

Many civil litigation cases are appealed and will go through complex appellate proceedings. It would be a mistake to assume all trial lawyers could successfully handle appeals and appellate proceedings.

We have dedicated, experienced civil appellate attorneys ready to help.

Commercial Litigation

When a dispute arises, it can bring your entire business to a screeching halt. When this happens, your livelihood is in serious jeopardy. Business litigation is often very complex, making quick resolutions unlikely. 

That’s why you choose us.

Contract Law

We learn our client’s business so that the contracts we write protect the business and it’s profits. 

Whether it’s drafting, writing, negotiating, reviewing, or litigating them, your legal agreement is in conscientious and capable hands.

Construction & Real Estate Law

The laws regarding real estate transactions and construction are incredibly complex. Make sure you protect yourself and your interests by working with an experienced lawyer.

Employment Law

Employment disputes can be lengthy and expensive, so employers of all sizes can greatly benefit from litigation avoidance training.

But, if an employment issue does arise, we are prepared to help an employee or employer through the experience.

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